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    Michael Bart, NPS

    Michael Bart is with National Park Service in Colorado. He facilitated one of their circles last year, then gave talks about Story Circles at both the GSA and ESA meetings. He sent this bit about a story on NPR a couple weeks ago.

    Randall Johnson of the Nobel Committee explaining the 2019 prize for physiology or medicine today:

    “Oxygen is essential for life, and is used by virtually all animal cells in order to convert food to energy. However, the amount of oxygen available to cells, tissues and animals themselves can vary greatly. This prize is for three physician scientists who found the molecular switch that regulates how our cells adapt when oxygen levels drop.”

    The ‘AND’ part of this really caught my ear this morning, because it is such an effective statement that we can all agree with:
    Oxygen is essential, AND all animals use it.
    BUT, we have not understood how cells react to differing levels of available oxygen.
    THEREFORE we are awarding the Nobel Prize to this team of scientists who figured it out.

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