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    Mike Strauss is the former head of the USDA Office of Science Quality Review and has been a co-developer of Story Circles for the past 5 years, joining me at about 30 Demo Days so far, including 5 this year. He points out how the heartbreaking story of the one drowned child in the Mediterranean help bring world attention to the Syrian refugee crisis in 2015.

    This year there was a similar story told for Central American refugees trying to enter the US. It had the same effect — the US congress used it to motivate legislative action about the crisis.

    This week 60 Minutes ran an entire segment that told the story of the drowned El Salvadoran father and daughter from the perspective of the surviving wife. It was painful to hear, but a textbook case of using THE SPECIFIC (the one story) to convey the THE GENERAL (the story of all the Central American refugees).

    It’s a demonstration of the fundamental rule, “The power of storytelling rests in the specifics.”

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