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    Evelyn: @VKOLLMAR – re the coke ad, reminds me of a book I read years ago called ‘subliminal advertising’ 

    Read a book on that many years ago (probably the same one you read)…it’s a thing but the writer of that particular book seemed to make it into a huge conspiracy theory…it’s basic marketing…

    Evelyn: Some things blow up even if they have horrible messaging/structure:  Plandemic……

    Sometimes the full narrative doesn’t need to be elaborated but plays off people’s internal agendas. In that way Plandemic plays off the unstated narrative of “Everyone is acting like the Coronaviruses took the world by surprise but it was really part of a secret plan.” So, in fact, it’s pretty good messaging…if you are predisposed to the underlying narrative.

    Allyson: Question: I still don’t think I understand what you mean about the difference between story and narrative. 

    Narrative is a structure for organizing the material. It can be a story and actually underlies good stories. I’m sure Randy has more to say on this so will leave the rest to him.

    Robert: BUT it is hard to put into effect. I get the most positive feedback from people who are already sympathetic to what I am trying to say.

    So turning this around a bit you are saying that those who are sympathetic are closer to your inner group so you don’t need to answer the “Why should I care?” issue.