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      Albertha: How is the Dobzhansky Template used in relation to the ABT Framework? Example is it done before delving into the framework?

      Mike: I’ve used it both ways…before it has provided an organizational touchstone and after it helps to confirm the singularity of my narrative. So the short answer is “it depends.”

      Evelyn: This morning I am thinking about privilege and gender and whether there is any study of how/if narrative differs for women, or for people of from different cultures, or differing levels of privilege.  

      Mike: Evelyn, see the preface to Vogler’s book. He discusses this precise question.

      Robert: IF the “Therefore” past is the longest, isn’t it going to introduce new ideas not mentioned in the And and But sections?

      That’s the point of the singular narrative. The Therefore section doesn’t give you license to talk about anything you want. It gives you the opportunity to address the conflict you set up WITHIN the context of the And. If you “wander off” into other things that’s what we call a “sidebar.” The problem with scientific and even nonscientific writing is we have lots of neat “bits” we want to add but that aren’t really advancing the narrative and then you wind up with the problem of new directions and new ideas…and can lose the reader.


      tim: Does NI explain why some social media posts go viral? I”m wondering about the two Bakersfield doctors who surging in popularity with misinformation about COVID and shutdown orders.

      The public is primed for their narrative: “Everyone says COVID is dangerous but our data shows it’s not, so don’t be afraid.” Even if they don’t say this, there are others who will.

      DELL: I have a general question here: what is it that we want to be able to do, know and apply following this course with the ABT? I am enjoying the process and getting a feel for the ABT but kind of wondering where it goes from here? Thanks!

      We’re hoping that having become familiar with narrative you’ll keep working with it and using it and letting that growth in knowledge filter through all of your communications…so just basic transformation…nothing huge ☺.

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