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      Park Howell

      At a six-foot social last night with old friends and we sat around a campfire drinking tequila and I made up an ABT game. Each person would say a line and then add either AND, BUT or THEREFORE as they threw the story to next person. The rules were your line had to be short and illustrative and you had to use each word in order. For example: There was an extreme mountain biker AND… (Next person) he loved riding in the Rocky Mountains, BUT… (Next person) But he only had one leg, THEREFORE (next person)… Therefore he fell off his bike a lot, AND… (next person (and so on. They LOVED it. We played it for 90 minutes and everyone was laughing their asses off. I told them to make their BUTs as contradictory and outlandish as they like. It was a hoot.

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