These people play a central role in the thoughts and discussions for the development of Story Circles training.

"The ABT is the DNA of story.”

Park Howell

School of Sustainability, Arizona State University


"The ABT is a powerfully transformative tool"

Shirley Malcolm

Head of Education and Human Resources, American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

“Story Circles gets beyond the one-and-done approach”

Rick Nelson

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bismarck, North Dakota

“What’s different about Story Circles is that it’s fun!”

Mike Strauss

Head of Office of Scientific Quality Review, U.S.D.A. Agricultural Research Services (ARS)

“The ABT is my most powerful tool in communicating NASA earth systems science”



 Peter Griffith

Director, NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Office

"Narrative is the bedrock of communication, essential for messages to stick."


Aaron Huertas

Senior Washington Director, Cater Communications

“Narrative — the hardest nut to crack for communication, yet most important.”


Nancy Knowlton

Sant Chair for Marine Science, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

“The ABT reframed communication for my postdocs, grad students, undergrads and even me.”


Colleen Cavanaugh

Edward C. Jeffrey Professor of Biology, Harvard University

“We’ve set a high standard for visuals in our program, now Story Circles will help us do the same for narrative.”




 Bill Dennison

Vice President for Science Applications, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

“The ABT was the honest to goodness secret to my winning 'Next MacGyver' presentation.”


Jayde Lovell

Story Circles Co-founder and Winner, “The Next MacGyver” Competition from the National Academy of Engineering

“The ABT was a central element in a semester-long seminar with my grad students — one of them said it transformed her life.”

 Dianna Padilla

 Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolution, SUNY Stony Brook

"I know communications AND thought I knew enough, BUT the ABT opened my eyes to much more, THEREFORE I’m now a Story Circles Trainer!"

Liz Foote

Executive Director, Project S.E.A.-Link, Hawaiʻi Ocean Conservation NGO